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Allergy Testing 
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Allergy testing  
400 everyday items tested  
All age groups  
Fast service  
Vitamin and Mineral deficiencies advice notes  
Test report sheet testing from a sample of hair  
Our Price: £26.98 
(Clinic Price: £473) 
Graded tests of over 400 items including:  
All vitamin and mineral deficiencies; all additives used in food and  
drink; 13 sweeteners; 43 vegetables; 28 meats; 16 fats and dairy  
products; 45 fruits; 10 nuts; 39 fish and shellfish; 13 grains; 14 pulses;  
10 beverages; 10 toxins; 35 herbs and spices; and 30 miscellaneous  
items such as house dust mites, feathers, animal hair, aerosols,  
air scents, grasses, nicotine, yeast, wines, beers, spirits, tap water,  
plants, flowers, cosmetics, shampoos, biological washing powders,  
bleaches, cleaners, fluorescent lighting, power pylons, TV monitors.  
We can also test for items you feel are causing problems, e.g.  
medications, work materials (i.e. latex) etc.  
NB: We cannot identify intolerances using our system because they pass  
through the system so quickly they leave no trace in the hair to be detected.  
How it works 
The test is performed using hair analysis 
Fully complete the help sheet * 
Cut about 50 strands of hair 2”long, there is no need to count  
or measure the hair sample.  
Attach hair to help sheet with sticky tape.  
It makes no difference if the hair is tinted or permed but it must  
be freshly washed. If you have no hair on the head, you can use  
hair from any part of the body as along as it is clean. 
Indicate problem areas by circling the appropriate sections on the sheet. 
Sign the disclaimer 
Send off for analysis  
The test will usually be returned within 5 working days, but please allow  
up to 10 days in case of any postal problems.  
The report you get back will detail which substances you are allergic to  
and to what extent. It can also tell you if you have any vitamin or mineral deficiencies.  
Advice on your known medical conditions will also be given.  
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