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General Health 

A fantastic range of natural herbal teas that can help with improving your general health and well being. 
Tea for Liver 
It is brilliant to have this tea after an extensive cocktail party. 
Our Price: £5.98 
Tea for Eyes 
Have your eyes been working overtime lately? These tea bags have your name on them. 
Our Price: £5.98 
Tea for Lungs 
Dry coughing? This tea is just what you need! It also can help to counter the miserable feeling that comes along with the common cold. 
Our Price: £5.98 
Tea for Kidneys 
With its natural diuretic effect, this tea creates a natural relief. 
Our Price: £5.98 
Tea for Stopping Snoring 
After two boxes of stop snoring tea, you will barely notice it, but your partner will be amazed! 
Our Price: £5.98 
Tea for Constipation 
End your constipation problems forever! 
Our Price: £5.98 
Tea for Sleeping 
It is ideal for the end of the day, or for any time when you need to relax! 
Our Price: £5.98 
Tea for Calming 
This tea can help with feelings of anxiety, restlessness and panic attacks. 
Our Price: £5.98 
Gingko Tea 
Gingko Tea is well known for helping to improve memory, reaction time and mental clarity. It has been found to lower serum cholesterol and aid blood circulation. 
Our Price: £5.98 
Rose Tea 
This light tea has the delicate fragrance of rose petals producing a light, aromatic drink. Rose 
Tea can help to assist women’s natural cycles. 
Our Price: £5.98 
Tea for Net-worms 
This tea may help to prevent radiation, so pop 
the kettle on and give your eyes natural relief! 
Our Price: £5.98 
Tea for Skin Care 
Don’t be scared, it is equally nourishing if 
drunk by men! 
Our Price: £5.98 
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